The editorial Líneas Difusas supports new authors in their way breaking through in the demanding literary world. We analyse their work and we value their projection. We bet with an ambitious project and, realistic at the same time, in which the author doesn´t have to anticipate any amount and with the same revenue that he could obtain in any big publishing house of the national stage.

Our offer embraces from the paper edition, passing through the digital one, orthographic correction, layout, cover´s design and local distribution, in its basic pack, to the web page elaboration, agency´s service or luxury  dition in its more exclusive trend.

Our department of literary analysis will inform you about the quality which hoards your work and the possibilities in the literary market.

A good value could upgrade a work and turn it into an exit.

The legal department will elaborate the agreement and will take care of scouring the work so it could comply with all the legal requirements established in our laws: isbn, log of copyright, bar code and DRM for digital edition.

Our web page department will design your virtual advantage to the world. Every author who want to be considered have to have one of it. We will advise you. 

The local distribution of the work is important to starting the knowledge of the author in his most influence zone. With our digital edition, the work could be acquired in every part of the world through the main platforms of the field.

José Manuel Sánchez (Editorial Manager of Líneas Difusas)